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Simons Maison - home fashion

5-Star Comfort

Bring hotel luxury home with you with Le Germain's signature bedding.

Le Germain Hôtels

Egyptian cotton and bamboo duvet cover set

Egyptian Cotton and Bamboo Duvet Cover by Le Germain Hotels at Simons Maison

For An Incredible Night's Sleep

Start by adding an extra layer to your mattress with this cozy featherbed and its feather and synthetic fibre fill.

Then, make your bed with these silky, durable, and absorbent sheets that were made with care in Canada.

Cover it all with this luxurious duvet that stands out for its remarkably soft and lightweight down.

And finally, add the perfect finishing touch by choosing one of these three all-comfort pillows.

Le Germain featherbed

Starting at

Egyptian cotton and bamboo sheet set


Le Germain Canadian white goose down duvet


Duveteuse Pillow
Semi-firm support

Starting at

Royal Plus Pillow
Firm Support

Starting at

Divine Pillow
Soft Support

Starting at
Le Germain Featherbed at Simons Maison Egyptian cotton and bamboo sheet set by Le Germain at Simons Maison Le Germain Canadian white goose down duvet at Simons Maison Le Germain Duveteuse Pillow Semi-firm support at Simons Maison Le Germain Royal Plus Pillow Firm Support at Simons Maison Le Germain Divine Pillow Soft Support at Simons Maison
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