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Designers Women - Women's collections

Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto (IFWTO) has teamed up with Simons to create this collection with 8 Indigenous artists from communities across Canada. These garments made of organic cotton and linen are one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase the artisanal skill of these creators through their prints, embroidery, appliqué, and beadwork.

Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto + Edito by Simons collection
IFWTO + Edito par Simons

Graphic mosaic cinched dress
Caroline Monnet


Collections Now Available Online

Technicolor Summer

Sorbet shades and luxe floral prints are making a bold style statement that's beyond bright.

The Short Version

A small-sized piece that makes a big impact! Discover our selection of on-trend and in-demand designer shorts.

Creative, urban, and decidedly modern, this unisex collection from the Finnish fashion house features its signature floral designs, like its classic poppy print, on a line of streetwear essentials.

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